Come and learn how to create traditional italian fare at the “Il Ritrovo” Italian Cooking School. Hosted by the talented and enterteining chef, Salvatore Barba, the school is set in beautiful Positano on the spectacular Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. Not only is this a wonderful place to learn to cook Italian Style, but it is also an interesting region to explore with manytiny villages dotted along the Coast and Historic sites as Pompei nearby. Our courses take place at Il Ritrovo Restaurant in Montepertuso, a small village located on a clifftop rising one thousand feet above sea-level, that boasts breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Here, where the sun is always shining ( at least in the friendly smiles of the people), Salvatore will teach you the secrets of Mediaterranean Cusine and how to create a fabolous meal using fresh and natural ingredients. The main Kitchen is well equipped and suitable for group lessons. Outdoors on our pretty, flowers-filled terrace we have a second kitchen where we can teach you how to make the very best pizza and bread. You will be inspired by our passion for Italian Cusine.

A typical meal will range from three to five courses consisting of:

  • Appetisers
  • Main course (Pasta and soup)
  • Second course ( maincourses of meat, fish or poultry)
  • Side dishes ( vegetable side dishes)
  • Dessert

We will explain which wines best complement each type of food, how to set up a table and how to create a unique atmosphere for a special event. Most importantly, at the end of the lesson all dishes will be enojoyed in a feast on the terrace, overlooking the stunning sea view. Your culinary accomplishment will be toasted with local wines while we all sing “O sole mio” American Culinary Tour VCS

These courses takes place throughout the year.

Prices include:

  1. transfer from your hotel or at the restaurant,
  2. cappuccino or coffee on arrival, notebook, pencil, lunch at the end of the lesson, local wine and interpreter.

Payment can be made by traveler’s checks payable to Salvatore Barba or with cash.